Saturday, December 5, 2009

All I want for Christmas

Waiting for my daughter to get up so we can go over and start helping Ollie with the house. We are trying everything to get in by Christmas. We started with being in by Halloween, then we were for sure that it would be Thanksgiving. Then last Monday the county inspector came out to look at the gas line for the furnace and Ollie had him look around to make sure things were going well. SURPRISE, SURPRISE, they didn't put any codes on our blueprint. So Ollie had to tare out the basement steps and redo, then the list was so large he is still working on it. Has been at the house every night after work until 10:30pm. At this point my only Christmas wish is that he stays sober and living at home by Christmas would be nice. Amazing how life changes the way you see things. Every Christmas I am always the first in the car looking for Christmas lights, I love driving around and looking at all the lights. I also have to have my tree up to enjoy ASAP and there is always so much going on in church this time of year. This year if Christmas just brings me closer to getting in our house then I would not worry about the rest.

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  1. I think this could be Ollie's bday present. Happy bday, here's a house.....hmmm:)