Thursday, January 21, 2010

May God Bless and Hold Him

My grandpa passed away this morning, my mom got a call from my uncle Jim at 3:30am. It is a blessing now that Grandpa does not have to fight for a breathe. I remember a man very full a life, he was a very strong presence in our family. I thank Grandpa for showing us what it meant to live a good life. For a man who came from a distant non loving family and put himself through school, married the girl he had an eye on in school, go to war, raise a family, and still think his wife was the most beautiful thing after 64 years. Not to mention all he had accomplished in his career. It wasn't until last winter when grandpa had gotten bad that I found out about some of the things Grandpa did. There is a plaque in their computer room given to Grandpa by Washington DC acknowledging Grandpa's efforts in education for immigrant children.
To think you will go through their deck door and not see Grandpa waiting for you in his chair. I have thought of all the great memories I have of my grandfather, when I was young with my sister, and now with my family. All I can say is, Thank you Grandpa.

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  1. What an awesome post about Grandpa.

    Thanks for walking up with me last night. I really appreciated it.

    Love you.