Thursday, October 11, 2012

Now we can sit with Dad

Tuesday night at 6:50pm there was a knocking on my front door, I thought it was Oliver. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to my mom. She stuck her head in and said . . . . "field trip".
Me "what" . . . . . "why" . . . . "where"
Mom "To see your dad, the stone is up"
So half dark we went out with flashlights to look at it.
So last night I went after work to take pictures. This is the fantastic bench Mom, Tiffany, and I came up with. Obviously Mom had more of a say since it is half hers, but her daughters did help.
Here is the front of the bench.
Here is the great picture of the country on the back. The swing Mom and Dad will forever be able to sit on together and the tree where there is a heart with a T+D inside it. I just love this picture. It is so my parents
Here is another picture of the bench. I just love this picture

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